Badly fitted doors, windows and loft hatches can result in cold, draughty houses, but there are some easy measures that you can take to make your house cosier and save energy.

Window upgrades

Updating your windows is a great way to make your home cosier and cheaper to heat.

Nowadays all windows in the UK have an energy rating from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. A-rated windows can be either double glazed or triple glazed. That means that they have either two or three panes of glass with a sealed layer of air or other gas between them. A-rated windows are available in wood metal or plastic frames and can be designed and fitted to match your home and preferred window style.

Replacing your windows will increase the comfort of your home as they’ll be draught proof, help retain heat and reduce noise from the outside too. Installation is quick, but there will be some amount of disruption as the installers will need to completely remove your old windows and frames before installing the new ones.

Special doors

With an old or poorly fitting external door, your home will be losing heat. A modern insulated door comes with effective draught proofing to minimise heat loss around the door. You can buy doors made out of good insulating materials to reduce heat escaping through the door itself.

If the door includes glazing, a modern, insulated door will have double or triple glazing.

Insulated doors will lose less heat and reduce draughts coming through from outside. This will reduce the need to heat rooms with an external door, so you should find yourself saving money on your heating bill.

Insulated doors look just like normal doors and come in a wide range of finishes and styles, from modern to classic designs. You can therefore pick one that matches your existing door, or you can choose a new style that you like.

Other questions…

The information above covers the most common questions but if you have any questions at all about the measures on offer, please call our team on 0117 352 1180.