Bristol City Council works in partnership with a variety of organisations in the city to support householders improve their understanding of energy use in the home, how to reduce energy use, make homes warmer and help those who are struggling to make fuel payments or heat their homes.

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Centre for Sustainable Energy – is an energy advice organisation, as well as one of the country’s leading research organisations looking into low carbon energy solutions, energy reduction and community based energy engagement. The CSE runs an energy advice line and may be able to support you with providing energy efficiency advice and provide support to householders who may have difficulty in paying their energy bills.

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Talking Money – is the new name for the Bristol Debt Advisory Centre, an advice advocacy organisation that is able to provide support to customers who may be experiencing difficulties paying their energy bills. They also provide advice and support for other financial matters to support householders who are struggling to pay bills.

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Bristol Energy Network Logo

An umbrella organisation for Bristol-based community groups that are keen to widen the conversation and engagement with energy saving and low carbon energy production. The organisation also welcomes interested individuals to become members and attend their meetings. Bristol Energy Network incorporates local groups such as Easton Energy Group, Fishponds Energy Group and Totterdown Energy; as well as citywide groups like Bristol Green Doors, Bristol Energy Cooperative and Demand Energy Equality.

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Bristol Colour Capital Logo

Bristol Colour Capital is a new initiative to increase the number of colourful houses in the city and establish Bristol as the ‘Colour Capital’ of the UK. By encouraging the installation of external wall insulated at the same time, homes could not only become colourful, but more energy efficient too. A win-win!

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